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“a happier and prettier world through creative design”


Level 19,Two International Finance Centre, Central, HK

Rm 1312, Overseas Friendship Building, Yinchun Rd, SZ

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    About Us
    About Us

Who We Are

  • Founded in 1987, we have been serving clients in all facets of interior design services. Our design philosophy has been to offer our clients the “best fit” scenario for their properties so as to create the best possible design by meeting the needs of the client, integrating the design with the project site, and offering an environment that is enjoyable, functional and inspirational.  Whether the budget is large or small, we pride ourselves on creating the most design value possible for our clients.


  • Situated in both Hong Kong and Guangzhou, we understand the specifics of aesthetic design considerations as well as understanding the construction standards, requirements, and constraints within the regions.


  • We are equipped to provide the best personal service and customer attention prior to, during, and after client’s project is completed. We rely greatly on a customer’s satisfaction and enjoyment throughout the entire process. We understand that service is very important because quality is expected.



We are more than happy to provide further details about our organization as well as preliminary recommendations for your upcoming projects.

Level 13, 68 Yee Woo Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Rm 1312, Overseas Friendship Building, Yinchun Rd, SZ

+852 3796-5618